Auntie's First Animals

The bunny which had no name, Angel the Pekinese, donkey in Mexico, guinea pigs, King, my stray dog, Eddie and Rusty, my stray cats, and the house where my cat career started.  Notice the cat house at the lower right.


Anna  and bunny closeup-USE.JPG (30490 bytes)Anna and Angel by buffalo.jpg (318062 bytes)Anna and angel in park closeup-USE.JPG (50211 bytes)anna and angel trick or treat.jpg (419876 bytes)anna and donkey in mexico.jpg (255776 bytes)Anna and guinea pigs closeup-USE.JPG (55671 bytes)Anna and King closeup-USE.JPG (49602 bytes)Anna rusty eddie angel closeup-USE.JPG (52290 bytes)Eddie and Rusty.jpg (297996 bytes)Richmond house and cat house.jpg (488663 bytes)